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May 25, 2009
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Cast away
Beat down and broken
I must obey
The word is spoken

Draw a circle of protection
Kept at bay
Keep away
So far apart from her perfection

Shadows loom
Lost in the gloom
I slowly slip away

A thirsty sea of stone and sand
Lost within a nightmare land
Afraid of night without a day
When the monsters come and play

I hear the serpent at my ear
She's urging me to drown the fear
But deep within this tortured mind
Wicked secrets you will find

I think that soon I'll fall apart
Their kindness only breaks my heart
I'll pass the nights in misery
With no one there to comfort me

The home I have is not a home
The life I lead is not my own.
When living here is not quite living
Living here is just worth giving
Ok, let me explain. If you want to skip the whole background info, just scroll down to the last two paragraphs.

I have found myself a new favorite anime by the name of "Soul Eater". The main characters of the series are Maka Albarn, Soul Eater (inspiration for the title) Death the Kid, Patty, Liz and Black Star. They are students at a special school taught by Death himself, known as Shinigami. (Death the Kid is the child of Death, hence his name)
In the anime, some people are born as "weapons" meaning they have the ability to transform themselves into weapons of some sort. The people who are able to use the weapons in their weapon form are known as "Meisters." Each person at Shinigami is either a weapon or a meister. A meister is paired with the weapon if their "soul wavelengths" match up. The meisters are then sent on special missions with their weapons to capture the souls of 99 evil humans. The weapons eat the souls and gain power. When a weapon has devoured 99 evil souls and one witch soul, they are turned into an all-powerful weapon known as the Death Scythe, and Shinigami himself is then able to wield them against the strongest foes, such as Kishin, or Demon Gods. Kishin are created from the souls of evil humans, which is why meisters and their weapons are to seek them out and destroy them.

Originally, Crona is one of the antagonists of the series, and is basically a puppet of the main antagonist for the first half of the series, a witch by the name of Medusa. (N.B. Crona has an ambiguous gender. It is never explicitly stated whether Crona is a boy or a girl, so it's sort of up to you. )
Medusa is obsessed with creating a Kishin, and Crona is basically her guinea pig. However, Crona shows little potential because s/he is personally against killing. However, Crona, being a meister, has a weapon that was fused into her body through one of Medusa's spells, known as Ragnarok. He basically bullies her into doing whatever he wants, and he loves to reap human souls and is constantly in search of power. In this way, the dominating personality of the weapon overshadows that of the naiive, passive personality of Crona.

However, through a series of events, Crona is taken in by Shibusen after a losing battle with Maka. (the two later become friends) Despite Maka and the team's best efforts, they find it near impossible to integrate Crona into the school because s/he is socially inept, easily depressed, slightly psychotic, and likes to hide inside her/his room in "Mr. Corner."
One time, Maka asks Crona to write a poem for her, thinking it might make Crona feel better. Crona does, and though you never get to see what is written for the poem, it makes Maka, Soul Eater, Black Star, and a teacher crawl into a corner and say they wish they had never been born. She is then congratulated by Soul, saying that she has an "amazing depressing power." So...this is a general idea of what I think was written. lol. It doesn't seem at all Crona's voice, but I was in a poetic mood of sorts.
I don't normally write poems like this. xD

I think the episode is...#26. One of my favorites. lol.
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